The Perks of Being a Morning Person in College

I’m a morning person through and through. Not to say I’ll burst into flames if I have to stay up late or it’s impossible for me to sleep-in past 8am. But mornings are when I thrive, feel my happiest, and am my most productive.

I have always found mornings to be quiet and calm before the start of usually hectic days. Not much changed when I got to college and mornings didn’t start any later than 7am (weekends included). It’s not easy and it’s definitely not for everyone, but if you’re curious about whether or not you should try it, why it could be good for you, and what the downsides are in college, I’m here to fill you in. 

Note: “morning person” is subjective. I am making a broad generalization here in saying that 7am is “early” for most college students. While it may not be early for real adults, I don’t tend to see my college campus popping off any earlier than 9am.


It’s Quiet

The morning for me is always the best time of day because it has a sense of silence that only comes before the rest of the world is awake and shuffling to the beat of life. We don’t always realize how loud life actually is and a moment of silence is always nice to get a break from that and clear your mind. 

You start earlier than most

Honestly, most college students don’t start their day that early, and that gives you an opportunity to get a jumpstart on what needs to be done during the day. Yes, hanging out with friends to get stuff done works (sometimes), but some work needs to be done before your friends are awake to distract you.

It can be easier to focus (but not always)

Personally, I find it easier to focus in the morning. There’s research showing that different people have different times of the day when they function best and spending time to figure out if that’s the morning for you could be hugely beneficial.

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    Most people don’t do it

    Since it’s something that isn’t super common, waking up early can be tough. When your friends want to go out, you could already have had a day 3-4 hour longer than them. That’s exhausting. Waking up early might mean sacrificing late nights with other people, and that isn’t easy. 

    You may have to sleep earlier

    Sleeping earlier is not easy. Roommates, social scenes, and 11:59pm deadlines ensure that going to bed early is not accessible for many college students. But, if you get lucky and have a roommate who’s lights out at 10pm, the social scene at your school is dead after 9pm, and professors who only accept work until 5pm, you’re probably a flying pig (i.e. not real). Good luck with this one.

    It can be brutal 

    Early mornings can be brutal. That stupid iPhone alarm sound is irritating in the first place, and it doesnt sound any prettier in the morning. That’s all.


    I’m not here to tell you what you should do or shouldn’t do, but waking up early is something that helps me function and feel good. So, I just thought it’s important to clarify why that is and explain why it could be beneficial to give it a try and implement it into your life. I also didn’t want to ignore the pain points that have made themselves quite obvious through my experience trying to wake up early in the morning as a college student. 

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