Study Essentials: UC Berkeley

Having your study routine down means having your essentials there to help keep you focused. Today, Brandon, a sophomore at UC Berkeley, shares his study essentials.

This one goes out to all the late night, last minute hustlers. If you’ve ever said to yourself, “it’s due at 8am so, I guess I can just wake up at 4 and get it done” or “it’s due at 12am so I think I can just start at like 10pm and figure it out” then this is for you.

Let’s get right into it.

I eat fully organic and try to stay healthy, but energy drinks have become my kryptonite. They’re just too clutch for those of us that wait to do things the night of. I personally really like coconut red bull or punched fruit rockstar; please don’t tell my mom though she’ll beat my ass if she found out I put that absolute tar into my body. 

I’m hesitant to recommend energy drinks because of how bad they are for you, but if you need that boost then energy drinks are the way to go for sure.

I don’t know about you, but for some reason I just can’t focus when I’m cold. Since I like to study at the library or outside, mostly, I try to dress in a ton of layers, like way too many layers. For some reason if I’m cold my brain will convince me that I’m unable to study, so I make sure to dress warm so that I can tune out that voice in my head that wants me to just go home and take a nap. 

Not just any ear plugs though, silicone ear plugs. They’re basically like a putty that you shove in your ear and mold to the shape of your ear cavity. For me these are the only ear plugs that don’t slowly push themselves out of my ears. Something about the dense silence that occurs when you put on earplugs really helps me concentrate. 

I would 100% recommend these ear plugs to anyone like me who gets distracted every 5 seconds—these really help me focus and stay still (in part because they’re kinda nasty looking and I don’t really want other people potentially seeing them).

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    This is definitely a weird one, and it might just be me. I will sometimes put 1 spray of cologne on my wrist before I study and every so often go to smell my wrist when I am feeling like I can’t focus. Something about creating a regulated distraction, one that isn’t endless like my phone and that I’ll get relatively disinterested in within the span of 10 seconds allows me to both feed my constant desire for a distraction while at the same time not allow it to take over. 

    Your version of this doesn’t have to be a spray of cologne on your wrist at all, I just really like cologne. Consider providing yourself with a small distraction next time you go study—make sure however that it’s something that’ll be quick and not something you can get lost in, like a cool rock or some sort of toy (whatever floats your boat).

    I’m someone who loves to fidget—especially when I’m sitting still doing something I don’t want to be doing (studying). Cracking open pistachios keep my hands busy while I’m reading or something and at the same time provide me with a salty little snack. The salt, I’ve convinced myself, also helps me study because it allows my neurons to fire faster (I’m not sure if that’s entirely true, but that’s what I tell myself).

    My Final Words

    All 5 of these are entirely personal and may not be helpful at all to you, but if you’re someone like me who is antsy, easily distracted, and too tired to care about your project due tomorrow morning then I urge you to at least try one of these essentials. All five are 100% essential to me.

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