Dorm Cooking and Food Preparation Made Simple

Dorm cooking and food preparation is the lifeblood of any comfortable college year. Whether you have a shared kitchen, an apartment setup, or just a little room to make due with, there’s plenty of ways to cook some fun or easy snacks. This article will give just a few suggestions for products that can make even the smallest dorm feel like a home kitchen (sort of).

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This was a gamble when I brought it to my dorm freshman year. I was not exactly sure if it would get used at all and what I’d have the energy to ever cook in it. While I will say that it was hard to clean and definitely was a “high commitment” dorm essential, it turned out to be pretty fun. I was able to cook some big meals in it and I became known for my Instapot meals by my friends. 

Overall, it’s pretty easy to use once you’ve got the hang of it. But, the biggest downside was definitely the cleaning process that could be annoying in the tiny little dorm sinks I had. 

I’d say this is a great investment if you have some bigger spaces to use and want something to cook a legit meal in. 

  • Easy to use
  • Makes so many things
  • Can be bulky and annoying to clean

Magic Bullet Mini Blender

This may be the best $40 you ever spend. These tiny little blenders can make anything into a smoothie and they fit really nicely into any sized dorm. I used to make smoothies and keep them in the fridge before my classes because my Magic Bullet came with a lid.

The nicest thing about this blender is that the actual blender part is also the cup you drink out of. So, less dishes and it’s just kind of convenient because you won’t end up making way too much smoothie to drink.

I highly recommend this item. 

  • Super easy
  • Smoothies!!
  • Makes breakfast easy– the most important meal of the day

Brita Filter

Dorm water usually sucks and Brita filters are just convenient to keep around because you can fill one in the morning and drink it all day. Pretty straightforward. 

Also, I recommend this Brita because you can fill the whole thing immediately without having to stand around waiting for it to filter through.

  • Fresh water. I don’t think this needs more explanation 🙂

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    This is the holy grail of any dorm. Fruit, drinks, condiments – the storage possibilities are endless. 

    • Sometimes people pass these down so try and find an upperclassman selling theirs
    • Be sure to look into dimensions before purchasing!


    You can cook or heat basically anything in a microwave. Having one in the dorm is extremely convenient and gives you a super easy way to cook anything at anytime. This one is relatively inexpensive and on the smaller side, plus it comes in a few cool colors.

    • Cooks and warms basically anything
    • Lots of schools provide them
    • Some schools may have energy restrictions — look into your school’s rules beforehand


    If you’re a tea or coffee drinker, this is a given. But, a water kettle also makes ramen, mac and cheese, and a variety of other foods easy dorm meals for anybody. You can find really cheap ones at Target, like this. Cheap, convenient, and can make tons of foods, what more could you ask for. 

    • Tea and coffee
    • Ramen, noodles, dried foods, etc.

    Egg Cooker

    This is an item that I stumbled across by accident, but instantly thought would be awesome for any dorm. It’s basically a tiny egg cooker that can make a few hard boiled eggs. I know it’s super niche, but it is a fun idea and convenient if you want an actual food in the morning that isn’t a protein bar or toast. 

    Oh but if you’re keeping eggs in your dorm, you should probably have a minifridge, too. 

    • Target find
    • Hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, omelettes 
    • Very quick

    While all these supplies could be a bit extra for your personal needs, picking out at least a couple of these things will help reduce your stress and hunger levels this year. A little bit of nutrition goes a long way when you’re out and about all day. Hopefully you find these helpful!

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