Maya Wazana


Hey guys! Just like Aaron, I was born and raised in Southern California (actually in the same house… weird, maybe we’re related). I love to read, ride horses, and spend time relaxing. I have the best time just hanging out with friends in any type of chill setting, although I’m also a big fan of parties and dancing. One thing I’m really passionate about is learning from diverse experiences, as well as helping others problem solve and get through issues. Some fun facts about me: I have my pilot’s license, I love cleaning but hate organizing, I enjoy baking and cooking, I’m not a huge TV or movie watcher, and I’m a night-owl.

Where I study:

Loyola Marymount University

What I study:

Entrepreneurship and Psychology

Expected graduation date:

Spring 2022

Interests Outside of School:

Books, cooking, hanging out with friends, working out, and sleeping

How I relax and wind down after the stress of school:

Taking a walk, being with friends, or taking a two hour nap