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Liv Yankovich

Social Media Manager

Hi guys, I’m Liv! I’m originally from the Bay Area, but am currently attending LMU and living in the lovely city of LA. I have an undeniable girly side to me, constantly learning about fashion design, styling, and cosmetology. I love to party with my friends where we can sing and dance shamelessly blasting music. I am passionate about going through life with honesty and constantly trying to become the best version of myself. Career-wise, I am super driven by being a consumer myself, as I love any business that has an inspiring mission, tries to do good for the world, and that makes me happy; so, I try to implement those same virtues when I’m the creator, instead of the consumer. I’m happy you’re here and I hope you stay a while :).

Where I study:

Loyola Marymount University

What I study:


Expected graduation date:

Spring 2023

Interests Outside of School:

Coffee dates, working out, going to the beach, weekend trips, going to the movies, and sewing/upcycling clothes.

How I relax and wind down after the stress of school:

Hang out with friends or my boyfriend, go to pretty viewpoints, or go to dinner and watch a movie.