ABOUT BeSababa


(pronounced sah-bah-bah)

is a popular slang term for “all good” or “everything’s good” in Hebrew/Arabic; although it’s often used in Hebrew, it actually derives from Arabic.

When trying to come up with a catchy name for the brand, staying close to our roots was important. Growing up with Israeli and Moroccan heritage, Sababa was a staple word around the house; so, we decided to go with a name that we saw as catchy and personal.

BeSababa (pronounced be-sah-bah-bah) was where we landed because it really encompasses what we’re about. We want to provide college students with a way to “Be Sababa”, Be Alright, Be Happy, etc. We hope that what we do allows you to BeSababa in your own way.

Aaron (Co-Founder)

What We’re About

We’ll keep it short and simple. BeSababa aims to develop an online community where you feel like you’re talking to a friend. Not a professor, not a counselor, not a parent – a friend. We aim to be honest, transparent, and imperfect. We want to grow and develop as a brand that is BY students FOR students. We are are here for you – if you have any thoughts, questions, concerns, fears, compliments, requests, or ideas – email us: [email protected]

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