Aaron Wazana


I was born and raised in Southern California. I love to get outside and spend time in nature, as well as learning and trying new things (my current project is building a van to serve as an adventure vehicle). I am generally introverted and although I love talking to people, I really recharge best during my alone time. I’m really passionate about telling stories, learning about the world through conversations, and talking to people who disagree with me (as frustrating as it can get). I have a bunch of random interests which include (but are not limited to): gardening, sustainability, cars, data journalism, and documentaries.

Where I study:

Pitzer College

What I study:

Economics and Organizational Studies

Expected graduation date:

Spring 2023

Interests Outside of School:

I love to get outside and spend time in nature. The more time spent in the dirt, the better.

How I relax and wind down after the stress of school:

Getting outside, spending time with family and friends, or just relaxing alone to really let myself recharge.